The River, in its long Journey with its twists and turns, is Symbolic of life in general; and of our lives in particular. As with the Meandering River, our earthly journey is also not straight and direct. Just as a River must take Time to turn, pause and aerate itself, we too must take Time to pause, alter course a little, and refresh ourselves. And just like the Meandering River, once our pause and refreshment is over we are then ready to resume the next clear Path of our journey. There are periods when the River experiences turbulent, chaotic and disturbing Times (rapids); there are periods when it experiences twists, turns and pauses; and then there are periods when the River flows peacefully, smoothly and calmly. And finally, the Time comes for the River to end its long Journey. We too will return to, and re-Become part of that Great Consciousness which we call Divinity. The Meandering River, is a great metaphor for this complex journey we call life. And it is this metaphor that I currently paint on my Designer Aluminum Panels.