While civilizations have looked to the skies for centuries as a source of sustenance and guidance, my current body of work includes galaxies. I include in my painting Swarovski crystals, Semi-Precious Gems and Pearls to represent the stars and celestial bodies. The sky and galaxies are poetic and symbolic to me. We respond to pictures of field and forest, mountain and sea, sky and galaxies, because the varied moods of nature somehow seem to echo our innermost thoughts and feelings. "Wish upon a Star", "Reach for the Stars" and "Follow your Star" are metaphors I want to share through my art - for the Aspirations, Inspirations, Dreams, and Creative Pursuits that live within each one of us. We merely have to "reach out" for our special Star and allow it to "steer" us to our Dreams. Always keeping in mind the immortal words, "When you wish upon a Star, it makes no difference who you are."