1. What are Artistic Metal Panels and how are they made?

Artistic Metal Panels are tastefully designed bespoke art on Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) master crafted by Patric Rozario the artist. These panels are painted upon with sheer artistry, embellished with pearls, gems and semi-precious stones, then sealed with epoxy resin. The end product is a unique textured art piece with layers of creativity.


2. What is the size of the Artistic Metal Panels?

Standard thickness of Aluminum Composite Panels is 4mm. After Epoxy Resin the thickness can vary from 6mm to 12mm (inclusive of the height of the crystals and gems).

The dimension of Artistic Metal Panels varies according to the requirement of the customer. A full-uncut size is 1.25 m x 3m

A framed painting is 1 x 1 meter


3. How much does the Artistic Metal Panels weigh?

Sizes and weight vary depending on customer's requirement, but generally a panel with the dimensions 100 x 100 cm weighs about 6 kg.


4. Where can I install Artistic Metal Panels? 

Artistic Metal Panels are so resilient they can be functional almost anywhere. It can be installed or displayed as:

  •  A section of a wall, or the entire wall itself.
  •  A splash-back for your kitchen
  •  Washrooms and wet areas
  •  Integrated into sliding doors/walls as a decorative structure
  •  As a standalone art work

You could install it at homes, offices, boutiques, restaurants, and hotels or any area that needs a touch of elegance with a difference to create the ultimate ambience and impression


5. Can it be used as an exterior decoration?

Since the panels are metal panels conserved and sealed in solid epoxy resin, they are weather proof and can withstand any outdoor temperature. Yes they are ideal for any interior or exterior display and installation. However in counties where the outdoor weather is harsh, kindly limit installation indoor only.


6. What kind of crystals do you use?

Unless requested by a customer to use specific brand of crystals (that they provide), the crystals we use are almost always Swarovski Crystals.


7. Where do you source your pearls and semi precious stones?

All the pearls are sea-water pearls and are sourced from reliable pearl farmers. Pearls are mostly procured from India, Tahiti and Philippines. The gems, crystals and semi-precious stones are procured from all over the world.


8. Do you use other precious gems like diamonds and rubies? 

Yes some of the panels are studded with rubies, sapphire, emerald and diamonds, to name a few.


9. Can I order a customized panel?

Yes you can. Patric Rozario creates panels to cater and suit your needs. He understands the specific customer taste and function and designs customized panels to fit the purpose. However, since each panel is so unique and handcrafted, it cannot be duplicated. Therefore, you will be the only one in the world owning it.


10. What sort of technical help would I require for installing the Artistic Metal Panels? How is it installed?

Installation is easy and not complicated at all. However, installation varies depending on how and where you would like the panels to be displayed.  We will connect you to competent installers to do the job for you.


11. Does it require special care?

These artistic metal panels are easy to clean and maintain as they are conserved and sealed in solid epoxy resin. It is a textured art form that is meant to be touched and felt. It is scratch proof and tamper proof. To clean, simply use a wet cloth with soap water when required. You could dust it using a feather duster.


12. Will the pearls, crystals and semi-precious stones detach over time?

No, they will not. The pearls and semi-precious stones are either suspended within or secured in place by the epoxy resin making them next to impossible to be removed or detached.


13. Can I see samples of these panels?

We can arrange for a representative to set up a meeting with few relevant samples and details if you are interested in purchasing an Artistic Metal Panel.


14. Are you able to work with/alongside my interior designer and builder?

Yes of course. We will work with your Interior Designer, Architect or contractor and will ensure that the panels are integrated into the overall design.


15. Will it crack over time, and if it cracks or chips, will you be able to repair it?

The Artistic Metal Panels are meant to last a lifetime. They will not crack or chip on its own.


16. What kind of paint do you use? Will it fade?

Only high quality professional paints are used, and they will not fade.


17. Is it waterproof?

Oh yes. Artistic Metal Panels are coated with epoxy resin and they are totally waterproof. This is the reason why customers install them in Restrooms and Kitchens.


18. Will the aluminum tarnish or deteriorate when exposed to seawater or chlorine?

Artistic Metal Panels are coated with acrylic paint and then Resin. Therefore the metal itself is not exposed to air. The pearls and gems that are projected out of the surface are also coated with resin.


19. Does the epoxy resin emit any odour and is it safe?

We use only water based epoxy resin, which does not contain and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The Artistic Metal Panels are completely safe to be used in restaurants, hospitals and schools.


20. Is the paint and adhesive to bind the stones chemically active? Will the chemicals cause harm in a closed environment?

There are no adhesives and chemicals used. The pearls, crystals and gems are placed in the wet resin. When the resin dries completely, they are bound strongly to the resin and the paint base.


21. How long will it take for my panel to be completed?

For custom ordered panels, it will typically take up to 30 days to create commissioned pieces. Shipping will take additional time.


22. Are the gems, pearls and crystals certified that it is of good quality and genuine?

Crystals, pearls and gems are purchased from reliable sources. These are purchased in large quantities. We are not in a position to provide you certificate of originality or quality. You are urged to show your Artistic Metal Panels to any jeweler or gemologist to confirm whether the gems, pearls and crystals are genuine.


23. In case of gems, is there a certification that it is not mined through child labor?

Artistic Metal Panels are created with love and compassion. The artist, and the supporting staff are all believers in sustainability and deeply respect the earth, its natural resources, people and animals. As much as possible, we ensure that the gems are sourced from mines that do not employ children.


24. Will the panels remain damage-proof during shipping and transport to overseas?

The panels are securely packed in an aluminum composite panel box, specifically fabricated to withstand shock and prevent physical contact with outside elements.


25. Are there specific locations that you ship the panels to, or can they be shipped to any country in the world?

Artistic Metal Panels can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world.


26. How can I order Artistic Metal Panels? 

Kindly contact us through telephone and email provided. Our representative will get in touch with you and will ensure that you will be proud to ‘Own A Rozario’.