Meet Patric Rozario

An artist’s motivations to create art are just as varied as his or her individual personality. Thus, it is not the ‘what’, but the ‘who’ that motivates prospective patrons and, more so, that builds connections between them and the brand. 

Patric Rozario, an artist and creator who hails from Malaysia, says: “The input that the buyer and the viewer provide lets my creations grow richer and more meaningful. I prefer to create pieces that are dazzling, rich, glamorous, colorful, joyful and rare. My effort is to evoke happiness, and if possible, heal too”.

Drawn to pearls, the quintessential Cancerian is intrigued by the coincidences that keep him close to the ‘Mermaid’s Tears’. His first job was a merchant navy officer sailing the seven seas, where pearls rest. His tour of duty exposed him to various cultures around the globe, which influenced his art in many ways. He is passionate about pearls…the textures, their luster, how wonderful they feel and how radiant they look against any background! That's why he incorporates them into all his creations.

There are a few common factors that make the best great. Whether it was Neo-classicalist Jacques-Louis David, Romantic Francisco Goya, Realist Gustave Courbet, Impressionist Claude Monet; their art was simply a superior product when compared to the works of other good artists of their time, just as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo’s had been in their time. The appeal in the creations of these masters lay in the facts that they were different, distinctive, and of high quality: as are Rozario’s.

His ingenious artwork portrays poetry of spectacle through creative medium where he navigates a pathway without a map. The illumination of his soul is seen in every body of his work as if it is designed with brushes dipped in his own colorful soul. He is a genius who has tapped his talent and hit a target that no one else has seen. And he believes his passion and rejuvenation in art is not only achieved through the reward of fame and success he has attained thus far, but through the intoxication it has generated in his clients and customers.


“When it comes to appreciating art, touch is the most neglected of senses. We rarely engage with art by running our fingers over it. But when customers encounter my work, it is hard to resist the urge to ‘feel’ the textured surface, and feel the cool (or, the warmth – to each his own) of the metal, pearls, crystals and the resin. I connect by both the senses – vision and touch. This is an experience I want my patrons to enjoy.”

- Patric Rozario